with DURAL

The DURALAB – combines practical experience in our AWT workshop with the KNOW-HOW of our seminar presentations. Successful further training on all aspects of our products.

For specialist consultants

As a specialist consultant, we will help you to understand the DURAL products and their processing advantages. This allows you to advise your customers even more comprehensively on the economic benefits and strengthen the sales process.


For craftsmen

As a craftsman, you will specialize your knowledge in the processing of DURAL products and deepen your insight into the technical areas and standards relating to sealing in indoor and outdoor areas. Benefit from this transfer of know-how and continue to optimize your practical skills.


Team training

In general, it is important to fill your customers' shopping baskets and convey the added value of each project. Because if you need tiles, you also need profiles, sealing, decoupling, expansion joints and much more.
That's why we customize our team training courses to your individual needs.


Technical and product knowledge about tiles & more

The DURALAB seminar program is divided into:

  • Specialist trade seminars/workshops at DURALAB (Ruppach-Goldhausen)
  • Craft training/workshops at DURALAB (Ruppach-Goldhausen)
  • Team training for DURAL PREMIUM PARTNER+ customers (also at your premises by arrangement)
  • Webinars (in planning)

Partner of the trade
and craftsmanship

We see ourselves as a partner to the retail trade and and not as a public center with always same, standardized unit training courses. Therefore the training content is tailored to the respective requirements and the customer group.

Here is a small excerpt from our DURALAB program


Barrier-free, securely sealed and timelessly beautiful

Sealing systems in comparison

Design, standards and regulations for composite sealing (DIN 18534 Part 5 and 6)

Self-adhesive sealing systems – how safe are they and in which cases
are the economic advantages enormous?

Inclined wedges, shower channels and shower trays


Water exposure and sealing systems in comparison

Sealing slurry, brush-on sealing or foil sealing?
Advantages and disadvantages and a comparison of the systems

Decoupling and sound insulation

Introduction to the DIN 18534-5 standard (sealing in combination with tiles and

Water exposure classes

Self-adhesive sealing systems – how safe are they and in which cases are the economic advantages enormous?


Enormous reduction in construction time and movement absorption

Large-format tiles and tile coverings on large surfaces permanently safe and
Crack-free processing

Reduction in construction time by laying tiles directly after screed is ready for use

Movement absorption and vapor pressure equalization

Tile laying on old substrates

Definition of load-bearing capacity of old substrates

crack bridging

Expansion joints


Decking constructions for balconies and terraces

Introduction to DIN 18531 to 18535

Drainage and drainage of balconies, terraces and structures in contact with the ground

Safe laying of patio slabs and tile coverings (loose and fixed laying)

Mat systems, drainage and drainage systems, support (with and without rails)

Balcony and terrace edging profiles

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