DURABAL balcony angle profiles

With drip edge and drainage openings,
Connection of pedestal bearing installations
and edge protection


Drainage mat
for particularly water-permeable
Decking constructions in outdoor areas

Because home begins outside . . .

DURAL’s outdoor products make terraces, gardens, verandas and balconies not just beautiful, but perfect. Trust our technical expertise. We take care of the substrate, drainage and finishes so that you don’t experience any unpleasant surprises, even with large-scale projects.

The perfect setting for your garden appearance

The current DURABAL balcony angle series in new RAL colors to see and touch. Exclusively for our specialist dealers.


Profile systems for garden design, balconies and terraces

The DURABAL series consists of edging and balcony angle profiles for terraces and balconies, façade landings and garden paths for an attractive finish. Modern RAL tones support the garden design. With a wide range of variants, there is a suitable product system with matching accessories from connectors and corners for all design requirements in the garden and on balconies and terraces.

Because home begins outside -
Dural professional accessories for perfect terraces and balconies. . .

Watch now on YouTube: Drainage for terraces and balconies. Support for easy and super-fast laying of patio slabs even on difficult and uneven substrates, profiles to cover unsightly visual edges on patio coverings and balcony edgings…

DURABAL balcony angle profiles

FLEXIBAL self-levelling support

DURABASE DD80++ Drainage mat

U-DRAIN pro Channel system for surface drainage


Self-levelling support

FLEXIBAL supports are designed for loose laying of ceramic or mineral patio tiles, decking boards (decking floors) and fine stone/concrete slabs from 20 mm thick.


Height adjustable from 25 to 185 mm. Automatic tilt compensation up to +/- 5%. Each support can bear loads of up to 400 kg.

Modular system

All components can be easily configured if different heights are required.

rail system

For better load distribution. Super-fast installation thanks to the modular design. There is space for cable entry in the rail. Suitable for all FLEXIBAL supports. Robust aluminum rail for snapping into the FLEXIBAL rigid support head.


For simple, loose-laid facing of patio steps, borders and landings. Special clip solution for wall connections. Time-saving installation. Made of robust stainless steel.


Drainage mat for particularly water-permeable decking constructions in outdoor areas.

No waterlogging on the terraces and the secure feeling that everything is in order underground. The dream of a garden is easy to realize with DURABASE DD80++ with little effort. Connections are securely bonded with the self-adhesive DURABASE WP sealing tape. Alternatively, overlap the mat joints to a width of approx. 3 rows of studs and press together. Fix/seal with Speed Flex adhesive.

The material of DURABASE DD 80++ is rot-proof and resistant to ageing. Residues are harmless and can be disposed of with normal household waste.

With DURABASE DD 80++, you avoid water build-up caused by faults in the sealing gradient. Frost and heat are no longer a problem for the decking structure. Cracks that lead to moisture penetration and thus to the detachment of the covering are a thing of the past.

The flexible choice of covering construction makes DURABASE DD 80++ a real problem solver in all sealing situations.

Here you can browse the DURABASE DD 80++ product information online or download it as an Acrobat PDF:


Channel system for surface drainage

Design with a system

Designed for modern landscaping. Design grate in two colors. For entrances, terraces, balconies, conservatories and commercial areas.

The practice in view

Quick installation as no special substructure is required. The vertical drain can be positioned flexibly.

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